Kindergarten Care & Development

Age: 5 Years

When your child is ready to start school we will be waiting with open arms. Pardon our passion, but we are devoted to a bright future for your child. Kindergarten is a critical time for every child and knowing what is right for your child is mandatory. This is where we step in, we have a clear cut definition of what your child needs at this stage.

BACK TO BASIC has what most schools lack, the personalized and caring staff coupled with secure and safe environment. Our programs are tailored to exceed the most basic needs and excel where other day care providers fall short.

Once you enroll your child in our day care center, you can sit back, relax and watch as your child develops into an academic giant. The children are trained to perform complex mathematic functions, understand skills in language and social studies.

At BACK TO BASIC, the children are already in an environment they know and understand. This makes learning faster and easier. The expected results are achievable because our experienced teachers endeavor to understand the individual needs of every child.

Our teachers are experts at creating opportunities that warrant exploration, communication, fun and curiosity. This intuitive environment ensures that the children are placed in very good hands to learn and discover. With their developed cognitive skills, they can understand better.

Your 5 Year Old’s Day at BACK TO BASIC

We do our best to mold a solid student out of your child. Kindergarten is the place for this. At BACK TO BASIC, we welcome the fact that every child is unique and talented in a special way. With our programs, we will embark on strengthening these talents to promote a strong educational foundation for your child.


We place emphasis on physical education with a lot of hands- on experience. Indoor and outdoor activities are conducted in secured environment that shields your child from any type of injury. Safety comes first; we assign two staff members to support each small group of children.


Enroll your child into our kindergarten and watch them develop such great mental abilities. The curriculum features 7 courses and P.E. The 7 courses featured include language phonics and reading, numbers, social studies, the bible, Spanish and fine arts. Numbers include number recognition, counting and writing from 1 – 100. The children are also taught how to tell time.

Social/ Emotional/ Creative

The children interact with each other in class through poetry and story telling. During the various P.E sessions, the teachers encourage socialization and team work. This promotes creativity through shared ideas, emotional and social development.

Your 5 year old will be at home away from home. Our facilities have what it takes to provide the best kindergarten solutions ever.

Kindergarten Care Key Benefits

  • Small class setting that allows for individualized attention

  • Thematic units that encourage creativity, curiosity and self reliance

  • Physical education to ensure body development for each child
  • Detailed curriculum that covers all aspects of a child’s school life
  • Frequent communication with parents to pass on relevant updates


I wanted to express my heartfelt gratitude to you and your staff for the dedication and love you show to each and every child.  Because of your devotion, my son was able to grow in his love for learning and his love for God!  Thank you for all you do!

Parent of a Kindergartener – Harris Family

I am so blessed and thankful my daughter has such a wonderful place to come to everyday.  Thanks for everything you and your staff do to make our kids feel loved.

Parent of a Kindergartener – Roth Family


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