Infant Daycare Pearland & Development Overview 

Age: 6 weeks to 18 months

We understand shuffling between day to day activities can be very tiring and nerving for many parents. That is why our daycare places emphasis on providing a safe haven for your infant.

Sometimes a babysitter may fail to identify with the specific needs of your infant. This could lead to an unhappy child.  Our daycare doesn’t allow room for mistakes and prides itself on the ability to provide repetitive loving care for each child daily. We have prime solutions on infant care and will see to it that your infant grows and learn all the basics.

6 weeks into this world may be very trying for any Infant Daycare in Pearland. This calls for a huge investment in the best newborn care. At BACK TO BASIC, we do just that. We hold dear what matters in your infant’s life. We focus on enabling your child in areas of primary focus: basic counting to five using fingers, motor skills and identifying body parts. We also encourage your baby to learn simple nursery rhymes and songs as well as arts and crafts.

With our infant care programs, your child will grow in an all- round manner paramount to a bright future. We encourage ideal physical exercise that helps your infant to develop motor skills early in life. In our mission to create a bright future for your child, we incorporate solid foundation skills that can’t be matched in a “babysitter” environment.

Your Infant’s Day at BACK TO BASIC

Every step in the early life of an infant goes a long way into the proper brain and physical development of the child. Our teachers understand this and their interaction with your child brings out the desired effect of perfection in development of motor skills, intellect and establishment of self identity. Our infant care programs allow your infant to grow as an all-round individual.

Physical Exercise

The power of the muscle counts in day to day activities. Every infant is personally encouraged to participate fully in psycho-motor activities that will jog the brain into adapting to the new world. Physical development of every child is very vital for any infant. Our building body activities help your little angel perfect hand to eye coordination, general body movements and muscle coordination.

Mental challenges

Spelling games, simple puzzles and games are all geared to enable your infant develop creative, innovative and a healthy mental capability. Mental skills gained will help your infant explore, into great details, their new world. Memory enhancing is also incorporated.

First Words

Communication is very important. Developing communication skills at a tender age will enable your infant to communicate more effectively. Language development happens in the infant stages of life. Our infant care programs are channeled towards achieving this.


Man is a social animal; he needs to feel that he belongs, he is worth the attention and that he is important. At BACK TO BASIC we encourage growth of feelings of pride, trust, confidence, humor and friendship.

Infant Daycare Pearland

Infant Care Key Benefits

Our infant daycare class will surpass any service that a Pearland babysitter would offer. We also provide the highly qualified caregivers that your offspring needs. Our infant child care program features the following:

  • Building of the essential motor skills every infant needs as they grow.

  • Promote the growth of self worth, self esteem and socialization skills.

  • Encourage a reading culture right from the basic steps.

  • Grow an interest for innovation and creativity.


I wanted to express my heartfelt gratitude to you and your staff for the dedication and love you show to each and every child.  Because of your devotion, my son was able to grow in his love for learning and his love for God!  Thank you for all you do!

Parent of a Kindergartener – Harris Family

I am so blessed and thankful my daughter has such a wonderful place to come to everyday.  Thanks for everything you and your staff do to make our kids feel loved.

Parent of a Kindergartener – Roth Family


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