Learning Should Always Be Fun

Our Curriculum

It brings great pleasure to our child care center when we inform parents that we offer the popular Abeka curriculum. The curriculum is designed for the developmental level, abilities, and interest of the children, as well as their spiritual foundation in mind. Abeka is essential to our child care program and is implemented as our core curriculum. At BACK TO BASIC, children begin initial introduction to Abeka early on, starting with our TODDLER program.

In addition to the Abeka curriculum, teachers also provide developmentally appropriate activities and play experiences for every child. Our educational program features scores of fun activities such as finger play, storytelling, drama, cooking, art, manipulative, and music; a practical example of work with no play makes Jack a dull boy. We are so devoted to the academic excellence of your child you might name him/her Abeka, of course with a light note.

Our teachers have the best of knowledge on the Abeka curriculum. Everything is at their fingertips. Our teachers are therefore best placed to feed out your child’s academic needs. Allow your child to learn new things each new day at our local daycare center here in Pearland. Trust us; you will beam with a smile at the end of the day when your toddler sings you “Row your boat” something you probably couldn’t do even when you were of age.

The Abeka curriculum is the sole curriculum at our child care center as it places much emphasis on biblical orientation appropriate for your child’s spiritual growth. We understand that a child’s learning cannot be met by a single curriculum, which is why we keep things diversified.

Our Daycare Classes

Our child care classes are uniquely tailored to meet the specific needs of each age group. They’re constantly updated to keep up with the trends and the dynamic needs of each individual child. At BACK TO BASIC Pearland, the daycare classes are specially fashioned to directly address issues that face every child at a personal level. The programs offered in our center include:

Infant Daycare Class In Pearland, TX


With our infant daycare program, your child will grow in an all- round manner paramount to a bright future. We encourage ideal physical exercise that helps your infant to…

  • Age: 6 Weeks – 18 Months

  • Attention Ratio: 5 Infants/ Teacher

Toddler Daycare Class In Pearland, TX


You can be certain your 2 year old is well taken care of at BACK TO BASIC child care center. At this stage, your toddler wants to see it all, do it all, and have it all.

  • Age: 18 Months – 3 Years
  • Attention Ratio: 12 Toddlers/ Teacher

PreSchool Daycare Class In Pearland, TX


Parents who choose us as their day care enjoy the great care we afford each individual student. At BACK TO BASIC, your preschooler will build a strong foundation for…

  • Age: 3 – 4 Years

  • Attention Ratio: 17 Students/ Teacher

Pearland PRE-KINDERGARTEN Daycare Class


We love taking challenges head on and this is what makes us stand out as a leading Pearland daycare. We clearly understand the preschool needs of your child and we have our…

  • Age: 4 – 5 Years

  • Attention Ratio: 17 Students/ Teacher

Kindergarten Daycare Class In Pearland, TX


Kindergarten is a critical time for every child and knowing what is right for your child is mandatory. This is where we step in, we have a clear cut definition of what…

  • Age: 5 Years

  • Attention Ratio: 15 Students/ Teacher

After School Program in Pearland, Tx


BACK TO BASIC provides one of the best after school programs in Pearland that will help your child gain a broader perspective as compared to the peers. Our school age programs…

  • Age: School Age Kids (5 – 12 years)

  • Attention Ratio: 15 Students/ Teacher

Pearland Daycare Enrichment Programs


We don’t cast the net to get the lucky few, we work hand in hand with every child to ensure that they learn as much as they possibly can. Our teachers are down to earth…

Extracurricular Daycare Activities in Pearland


As a parent, we all want the best for our children. This is why choosing a daycare is such an important decision. In addition to providing a great curriculum for your child, we also allow them time to enjoy being amazing children…



I wanted to express my heartfelt gratitude to you and your staff for the dedication and love you show to each and every child.  Because of your devotion, my son was able to grow in his love for learning and his love for God!  Thank you for all you do!

Parent of a Kindergartener – Harris Family

I am so blessed and thankful my daughter has such a wonderful place to come to everyday.  Thanks for everything you and your staff do to make our kids feel loved.

Parent of a Kindergartener – Roth Family


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