After School care Pearland

Age: School Age Kids (5 – 12 years)

“The allure of fun while learning is hard to pass, it is like swimming against a current”

After School Child Care & before and after school care with transportation  services always focused on meeting social, emotional and academic needs.Uniquely designed and professionally implemented, this program is targeted at the school age child in consideration. It is structured as an after school program that covers the needs of this group to the very best.

BACK TO BASIC provides a rich after school experience that will help your child gain a broader perspective as compared to the peers. School age program incorporates recreation and fun filled moments for the young ones making it a worthwhile experience.

Your children will get time with their friends and have fun with the relevant activities. The program places emphasis on educational and recreational field trips which act as a huge boost to the child’s development. Music as well as arts and crafts is also included. The activities, socialization, and group activities enable the child to grow a great sense of worth, self identity and self esteem. It also cultivates the spirit of adventure important to creativity and broad-minded ideology.

BACK TO BASIC does not stop at that, they take the fun into the school holidays making it a perfect option for your little angel. Through summer camps and trips, children can interact and maintain relationships created during the school days. Your child will have fun with BACK TO BASIC school age program.

After School Program at BACK TO BASIC

Variety is the order of the day. Our caring teachers allow each child to do what is within their interest. This way, the child can have fun and learn at the same time. The teachers are there to provide guidance, safety, and assurance that learning is taking place.

Our daycare provides the best after school program in Pearland. We understand that Rome wasn’t built overnight and so education does not only happen in class. We allow our students a chance at recreation, and every time they come back in; we are thrilled by how much they learn.

Homework Help

After School Child Care

You want to spend precious time with your child as much as you can, but this is always hampered by the back log of homework, not to mention your own work. BACK TO BASIC provides centers where our dedicated teachers help the kids with homework. This enables you to have more quality time with your child and family.

Work shops

Children at BACK TO BASIC benefit from the creativity that went into the establishment. Children can have fun with the various topics available. They will love exploring and reading about inventions. They will build skills from projects that test knowledge.

This is what keeps us going. It is important that children develop motor skills and efficient body coordination. At BACK TO BASIC, your kid will take place in activities and pick up healthy habits that may last a lifetime.

After School Care Key Benefits

  • Physical exercises to keep your healthy and active
  • Personalized support on homework

  • A nurturing environment where your kid will build self esteem, confidence, social skills and character

  • A perfect environment to gain leadership and communication skills


I wanted to express my heartfelt gratitude to you and your staff for the dedication and love you show to each and every child.  Because of your devotion, my son was able to grow in his love for learning and his love for God!  Thank you for all you do!

Parent of a Kindergartener – Harris Family

I am so blessed and thankful my daughter has such a wonderful place to come to everyday.  Thanks for everything you and your staff do to make our kids feel loved.

Parent of a Kindergartener – Roth Family


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