Back to Basic is a licensed early care and education center with staff trained to provide outstanding education, individual attention, and devoted care for the children.  Our child care center was founded to provide quality care in an environment conducive to love and learning for the individual growth of each child enrolled. As a leading daycare facility in Pearland, we place emphasis on what really matters and we back that up with a complete personalized experience.

That is not all, we are devoted to your child’s excellence may it be academically, physically, or emotionally. Our programs are not just chosen, they are handpicked for the young ones.

We love to consider ourselves pacesetters as we like to lead and let others follow. We endeavor to understand every child at a personal level. We like the term child care center, but we would love for you to think of us as the second home for your child.

Our Mission

Our mission at Back to Basic is to promote and maintain self-worth, self esteem, physical, mental, spiritual and emotional growth of EACH INDIVIDUAL CHILD children through creative play and structured learning environments.  Our program celebrates the diversity and uniqueness provided by each child and family.

Child Safety

Nothing hurts as much as watching a child in pain. We too are parents and we understand safety matters when it comes to the little ones. May it be physical, emotional or mental; we provide a safe haven with safety systems that drastically minimize even the slightest of injuries. Your child will be shielded from any kind of emotional, physical or mental injury.

Nutrition & Mealtime

As mentioned earlier, at Back to Basic, we know what really matters and nutrition happens to be one of those key items. We clearly understand that your child requires a lot of energy during growth. We understand the need for muscle and vitamins for your little angel. Your kid will have access to adequate and healthy meals and snacks. No matter how crafty they may get, unhealthy foods will never find homage in our facilities. We also advise parents on the importance of proper nutrition.


I wanted to express my heartfelt gratitude to you and your staff for the dedication and love you show to each and every child.  Because of your devotion, my son was able to grow in his love for learning and his love for God!  Thank you for all you do!

Parent of a Kindergartener – Harris Family

I am so blessed and thankful my daughter has such a wonderful place to come to everyday.  Thanks for everything you and your staff do to make our kids feel loved.

Parent of a Kindergartener – Roth Family


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