Prepare Your Kids for Back to School After the Holidays

Though the holidays are the perfect time to wind-down and relax, many of us seem to forget that school is just around the corner. While it can often be a stressful time for both parents and children alike, there are a number of ways to help you slowly ease your kids back into a structure. Making sure to properly prepare beforehand can make them more alert, engaged—and more importantly comfortable. So instead of panicking at the last minute, take a look at some of these methods for preparing your kids for school,

1. Keep Them Engaged

During holidays schoolwork isn’t often at the forefront of your child’s mind, however, taking time each day to prepare them will save a great deal of stress in the long run. Making sure to run over previous material while it’s still fresh in their minds can be a great help, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be all work and no play. For instance, there are a number of educational games out there which aim to help kids learn as they have fun, and quite a few enjoyable books to help ease your kids into school, no matter what their age.

2. Get Them Into A Routine

While it’s fine to give your kids a little leeway during the holidays, going back to school can often be a rude awakening. Try to gently ease your children back into their normal sleep rhythm by waking them up earlier in the morning. While they may not immediately thank you, in the long run it’ll help them to be much more alert and awake during class time. It doesn’t hurt to gradually change your own schedule too. You’ll surely thank yourself during the school rush each day.

3. Set Goals

Whether you’re a kid or an adult, Christmas is the perfect time for making new resolutions. Try to give your kids something to strive for in the New Year such as making more friends or improving their reading. Simply giving them an objective can help them to stay focused, and you can further encourage this behavior by rewarding them when they do well. Who knows, maybe you can set some goals for yourself too such as finishing that book you wanted to read. If you turn it into something that you can both participate in your child will be much more likely to follow suit.

4. Talk To Them About School

It’s tempting to switch off during holidays, but it’s also important to keep school at the front of your child’s mind. Rather than school being something to be dreaded, try to make it exciting by asking them about their favorite subjects. While you’re at it, you can also ask which friends they’re excited to meet and quiz them about their reading lists. If they take a packed lunch, you could also discuss different options for their meals. Perhaps try switching things up for a change. While the holidays are a great time to relax, simply talking about school can prevent your kid from having a rude wake-up call when they finally go back.

5. Set Aside School-related Gifts This Christmas

Christmas is the time for giving, and setting aside a few school-related gifts this year can be a great way to engage your children. Not only will they be practical, but your kids will be eager to show them off to their friends and classmates. Backpacks, rulers, and stationary are just a few ideas this holiday. As an added bonus, try to find gifts that feature designs of their favorite hobbies or characters. Not only will they thank you for it, but you’ll be able to show them that school can be fun too.

Just remember, going back to school doesn’t necessarily have to be stressful. Preparing in advance will make the transition far more comfortable for you and your children, and better yet, many of these suggestions are great ways to interact and bond with your kid. Help them to stick to an appropriate sleep schedule and get them to open up to you about their thoughts on school. Whether it’s making New Years’ resolutions together or simply revising classwork, putting together a plan will help to make both of your lives easier.

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