November Is National Military Family Month

Military families are the quiet and steady support system that keeps the military going. In celebration of military families across the nation, the month of November has been declared as National Military Family Month.

But before outlining the various events and ceremonies included in celebrating military families this month, let’s start with a primer on the United States military and identify the branches and their roles.

Military Family Month

What Are The 5 Military Branches?

In the aftermath of the Second World War, the United States military and intelligence agencies had a major restructuring following provisions made in the National Security Act of 1947. The Act renamed the Department of War into the Department of the Army which was then merged with the Department of the Navy and the newly formed Department of the Air Force, together forming the Department of Defense.

In all, the United States Armed Forces is composed of five armed service branches: Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps and the Coast Guard.

  1. The Army is the dominant land power and guards U.S. installations around the world. They defend the country by employing ground troops, tanks, artillery and other tactical weapons.
  2. The Air Force provides air support with fighter and transport aircrafts, bombers and helicopters. They also head space command by operating satellites and intercontinental nuclear ballistic missiles.
  3. The Navy protects the country’s interests at sea through sea control, power projection and as nuclear deterrence. During conflict times, they support the Air Force with aircraft carriers in areas without fixed runways.
  4. The Marine Corps is an amphibious operation tasked with naval bases seizure and defense and coordination of landing tactics, technique and equipment.
  5. The Coast Guard, the smallest of the branches, provides maritime law enforcement, search and rescue, coastal defense and immigration control.

How We Recognize Their Service

As a way of celebrating the service and dedication of our military personnel and their families around the world, we hold numerous events and gatherings in their honor including, but not limited to, family fun nights, community dinners and special recognition ceremonies.

What Can You Do To Support Military Families?

The simplest, but possibly most earnest, way to show appreciation and support is to say thank you. It can be verbal, expressed in a letter or publicly stated on social media. You can even put together a care package.

For business owners, you can create job opportunities, offer workplace flexibility, provide discounts to military family members and donate to or sponsor community events that support the military like sports days, concerts, or air shows.

We at Back To Basics recognize the service of military families by offering a discounted tuition for all active service members.  So from the Back To Basic staff, we say “Thank You” for your service and sacrifice.