What to Look For When Choosing A Daycare In Pearland

Need help in choosing a daycare? Here’s a guide for Pearland parents.

Top 5 Things To Look For When Choosing A Daycare In Pearland

Top 5 Things To Look For When Choosing A Daycare In Pearland

A daycare facility is established essentially to provide a caring environment for children while their parents or guardians are away at work or for some reason cannot take care of them full-time, but are open to leaving them with qualified staff and helpers for a certain period every day where they are confident the child will be safe and happy.

However, this is only the very basic outline of what a daycare should provide children: with state licensing now mandatory for daycares to operate and regular staff training credits being an important part of maintaining the daycare’s credibility on an annual basis. There is a lot more than basic meals, play equipment and sleeping space that children must be given at a daycare center. We take a look at some of these essential factors that parents must look out for when choosing a daycare for the first time:


Pearland Daycare: Top 5 Things To Look For

Care Givers Qualifications & Experience

Meet with the director of the daycare center and learn about his or her experience. Check for qualifications of the caregivers who will be interacting with your child. They should be trained in early childhood development and education of children.

Child To Care Giver Ratio

Check the number of children enrolled and how many caregivers working in the center.
The table below shows the Child : Care Giver Ratio specified by Texas Human And Health Service

 Child Age Range  Child : Care Giver Ratio
0 – 11 months 4 :1
12 – 17 months 5 :1
18 – 23 months 9 :1
2 years (24 months) 11 :1
3 years 15 :1
4 years 18 :1
5 years 22 :1
6 – 8 years 26 :1
9 – 13 years  26 :1

Source: Texas Human And Health Service


Heath And Safety

Find out about the kind of play equipment being used and the amount of space available to the children for games and other activities. The hygiene and sanitation levels of the daycare as well as the kind of meals being given to the children and whether there is facility for any dietary supplements/changes for your child.

Inform the daycare about allergies your child may have and check if the staff have experience dealing with these or other medical issues. Childcare staff needs to be properly trained in administering First-aid and CPR.

Learn about the center’s emergency plan and fire safety program for children’s safety and health should any such situation arise; this is very important to establish before admitting your child in a daycare that they have adequate knowledge and training for dealing with all types of emergencies.

Learning & Curriculum

Do not hesitate to ask questions about the daycare facility program’s child-care attendants. Know who is teaching the child and what disciplinary action is taken if the children are not following as instructed.

You should be satisfied with the rules of the center, and ask how they help to cultivate good habits. Check for potty training techniques and measures followed by the center if your child is out of diapers. Just be ready in case some centers do not allow for children before being properly toilet trained. There are Pearland daycare centers that have extra fees for this.

Comfortable & Kid-friendly Environment

Check for safety of the childcare rooms, for example: latches, window-bars, covered electrical outlets. A quality day care should have no broken furniture or jagged ends protruding from play equipment. Proper play, sleep, learning and outdoor activity zone should exist in the daycare, so don’t miss out on these!

What Pearland Parents Should Focus On: (Based On Age Group)

Infants & Toddlers: Caregiver’s Experience

Pre-School: Food & Nutrition

Pre-Kindergarten: Human Interaction & Fine Motor Skills

Kindergarten: Curriculum Program


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